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A goddess's blessing by WillhemTier A goddess's blessing :iconwillhemtier:WillhemTier 97 6 Commission: Megabyte by WillhemTier Commission: Megabyte :iconwillhemtier:WillhemTier 2 0 [360 PANORAMA] Patrolling Conflict 5 by WillhemTier [360 PANORAMA] Patrolling Conflict 5 :iconwillhemtier:WillhemTier 33 8 Curse of the Black Mist: Awakening (Animated) by WillhemTier Curse of the Black Mist: Awakening (Animated) :iconwillhemtier:WillhemTier 56 5 Stars Above: The Strip, Mars. by WillhemTier Stars Above: The Strip, Mars. :iconwillhemtier:WillhemTier 97 19 MLP Night Lamp - Princesses by WillhemTier MLP Night Lamp - Princesses :iconwillhemtier:WillhemTier 13 4 What lurks in the darkness by WillhemTier What lurks in the darkness :iconwillhemtier:WillhemTier 27 2 Commissions are open (April-June 2016) by WillhemTier Commissions are open (April-June 2016) :iconwillhemtier:WillhemTier 4 3 Reversed Magic Spell (17Mb GIF) by WillhemTier Reversed Magic Spell (17Mb GIF) :iconwillhemtier:WillhemTier 41 3 I'll fight till the end. by WillhemTier I'll fight till the end. :iconwillhemtier:WillhemTier 40 1 Stars Above: Galileo, Europa by WillhemTier Stars Above: Galileo, Europa :iconwillhemtier:WillhemTier 101 14 Commission: Bronyfield by WillhemTier Commission: Bronyfield :iconwillhemtier:WillhemTier 24 1 Commissions are closed. by WillhemTier Commissions are closed. :iconwillhemtier:WillhemTier 1 3 Swiftwing by WillhemTier Swiftwing :iconwillhemtier:WillhemTier 15 5 Portrait of unknown survivor. by WillhemTier Portrait of unknown survivor. :iconwillhemtier:WillhemTier 43 4 Commission: Nature's Serenity by WillhemTier Commission: Nature's Serenity :iconwillhemtier:WillhemTier 83 5


[360 PANORAMA] Patrolling Conflict 5
Commission for ScalierVariable.
This is the first time I draw a picture in a equirectangular projection, so it took a long time... Thanks to ScalierVariable for commissioning me! :)
Please, use a link to Google Photos to view the image as it intended to be viewed.:)
Also, you can download this picture and use VR devices to view it (although I dont have any).
Curse of the Black Mist: Awakening (Animated)
Vanus, Once a proud city dedicated to Princess Luna has now fallen to a devastating curse swallowing the city in a accursed black mist, Many that enter the mist are never seen again, turned into horrifying creatures or fall into a deep agonizing sleep. Even worse the moon itself has been shattered by some powerful force yet still the light shines through the darkness of the Black Mist thanks to the Moonlight Beacons within Vanus attempting to pull together the moon in an effort to save the land, sadly only one beacon is active with the rest of Vanus's inhabitants either insane or corrupted by the Black Mist's influence, Many have tried to reactive the other beacons being the small glimmers of hope for Vanus but many brave warriors have failed in the pursuit.

Silver Specter is one of these warriors, A proud stallion that once one of the few general's of Noctius however his age is catching up to him, Fatigue creeping over his very being for he attempted to bring the beacons up but encountered many dangers that almost fatally wounded him, Despair taking root in his heart Silver Specter remained at the Beacon of Solitude and it's surrounding shrine trying to think of a way around the beasts and monsters until a mare showed up to him singing a song to the dear shattered moon, The Moonlight Songstress gave her assistance to the stallion seeing his plight and recognizing his need for assistance she identified herself as a Priestess of Luna determined to activate the Beacons and with her power she can awaken those cursed by the Black Mist in hopes of finding suitable warriors to venture out into Vanus and Activate the Beacons together they wish to see their fair city returned to them and that's where you come in brave souls...Awaken and combat the Curse of the Black Mist, Activate the beacons and perhaps Vanus could be normal again.
Commission for DuskTheBatPack. Thank you for this amazing idea!
Here you can find a video with this animation combined with Bloodborne soundtrack:…
Stars Above: The Strip, Mars.
Carved in the valleys and mountains spawning from Olympus Mons, the Demilitarized Zone between the territories of the Federation and Equestria stretches for miles, every acre the splendor of wealth and power. After the Second Martian Conflict, the brokered peace ordained that such a buffer zone would be in place between the empires, free of outside interference, tariffs, and taxation. Known now as The Strip, this 10-mile wide swath of land plays host to every major private organization and corporate interest in the system, the heart of Mars' rising success and prominence on the solar stage. Agents of both powers are not allowed to set foot here unless invited, but that of course doesn't stop the espionage brewing just underneath the shimmering windows and bustling railways...
30.05.16 - Updated version.


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Hello!! I like your arts~
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Хотелось бы мне немного того мрака, из которого ты черпаешь свои фантазии. Подписался.
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Cпасибо за fav!
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